The “New “ bell schedule/8 periods/Advocacy ,Seminar

Areli Ruiz, Reporter

The jury is still out at Heights High School  over how many students like the 2019 bell schedule. There are also some students that don’t like to this  new bell schedule.

Kylie Fujinuma, junior, stated “ I don’t like this year’s schedule as much as last year because we  have shorter Advocacy times.” Many students don’t like how they don’t have enough time in Advocacy and Seminar  to complete  homework. Last year schedule there was 20 minutes for Advocacy and then students would go for 30 minutes to two classes they needed help with.

But, there are also some students that like this schedule more than last year’s. For example,  Binaca Abundez, sophomore,  stated “I like this year schedule more than last year because last year’s classes very long, and we would only get to go to Advocacy two times a week; this year we have shorter class periods and can visit more than one teacher.”

  All of the 21 students in Sarah Reynolds’ 2nd period English class said they liked this year’s schedule more than last year  because they get to go to a Seminar more often. According to these students, there are more students that like this new schedule because there are  shorter periods, can go see teachers during seminar more than two times a week, and can visit more than one teacher 3 times a week.

There are some teachers that also like this year schedule more than lasts year’s. For example Reynolds stated “I like this year’s schedule more than last year because students can go to seminars more often than last year, and students also get  an extra elective”. 

Heights  has many new students and staff   this year. For those who were not here last year may wonder how this year schedule is different from last year’s  schedule, and how was last years schedule like. Last year’s schedule had a total of 8 blocks,  While this year there are a total of 10 blocks.  

Last year, the schedule had Advocacy for only Tuesdays and Fridays. Which for Black and Red days, classes were 1 hour and 45 minutes long and Falcon days were 50 minutes long for each class.

This year, students have Advocacy for Mondays and Seminar for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Also, classes are each 1 hour and 23 minutes long and Falcon days are 44 minutes long.

Another thing that changed this year that many students like is how on our agendas everyone has 5 tardies admits for each semester.Which helps many students not get detention and gives them 5 freebies before they can get dentetion.