Machines are coming for your jobs

Abigail Avalos, Reporter

Many jobs are being replaced by machines. During the 1900s the automotive industry was filled with workers, but now there are not that many people in an auto plant. The reason is because some of the jobs are easy enough for a robot to do. Even though robots are replacing jobs and making things easier, it’s not going to be so good once the robots replace all the workers and you’re out of a job.

McDonalds already has new machines replacing workers. In the future it’s going to be easy enough for robots to start serving and making your food.  This is a concerning thing for students and others. It’s concerning because what job are students supposed to do if they’re being replaced by machines. How else are students supposed to make money when the most common jobs are going to replace employees with robots/ machines. 

 The jobs AI ( Artificial Intelligence) obviously cannot replace are the jobs that have to do with human connection: jobs like counseling. Counseling is a job that cannot be replaced with AI. Human connection is essential for counseling and jobs that have to do with people skills. How is a person supposed to feel comfortable and safe to talk to someone about something if they are talking to a robot. AI could try and replace it,  but it’s not something people would want. It’s good to make life easier, but people get stressed and talk to people how they feel. They feel safe with that person because of human connection. 

 To avoid being replaced by a machine in the future  you could just be your own boss. Being your own boss of course has many positives, but it also has a lot of negatives. You can decide on what you want to do instead of being told what to do. You could also work wherever you want, whether that be at home or in the office. But being your own boss you have to spend your own money to keep things together. You do get to make your money, but also lose a lot of money. At least you can’t be replaced by a machine. You’re doing what you love, you won’t be out of a job. 

So, whether you choose a people skills profession or to be your own boss, it is important to plan a career that is safe from the job snatching robots.