Personality Profile

Personality profile over wichita heights high school student michaela wagner

Ariyana Reddin

What are some characteristics of your personality?

“Hold on, i’m thinking calm down. Okay. I would say depending on how i feel i can be, like, really excitable at times and other times im really chill and um, i’m interested in really weird stuff”

What makes you happy?

“Um, food, and being around my friends, um music and like just having fun with people I enjoy”

What are some things that make you angry?

“Um…. people that try to start drama for no reason”

Are you happy with your personality?

“Yea cause it’s me and i don’t have any problems, because I mind my business and i’m living my best life”

Are you a determined person? Are you a stubborn person?

“Both. because I don’t like to give up on stuff and the fact that I refused to give up makes me stubborn”

Do you consider yourself selfish ? Why?

“I wouldn’t consider myself selfish but I would consider myself self-centered”

Are you shy ? In which occasions are you shy?

“I’m not shy, i’m quiet.”