Does video Games Cause Violence

Ariyana Reddin

Many people believe that video games cause violence. And with all the violence going on around the world, you would think it’s true. But to be completely honest, video games are nowhere near the cause of the violence that has been going. Video games have been around since 1958 and have continued to grow from there. According to or the American Psychological Association, video games can strengthen a range of cognitive skills like: reasoning, perception and memory, and spiral navigation. Those are not the only benefits to playing video games. In my interview i will be questioning  marecia gitau from wichita heights high school

How often do you play video games

“About a good 2-3 hours”

Do you play violent video games

“Yes, everyday”

Do you think about doing this stuff in the real world

“No, im not like that”

Would you recommend video games to anybody

“Yes, they are so fun to play, and they help me relax”