Make sure homework is beneficial, not stressful

Michaela Wagner, Reporter

Do students need homework in school? Homework can cause stress and other health issues, it causes students to dread learning, and takes away time students could be spending with their family. 


According to the Board Of Education homework is a valuable learning tool and can be used to practice skills students learn in class, can help students develop responsibility, and encourage parents to get involved in what their child is learning in school. 


Most students see homework as pointless or mindless, reports a study published in the Journal of Experimental Education, if students see homework as just busy work they get discouraged to learn. If  students stop learning they do homework simply to get a good grade and not for the intended purpose: to practice skills the student is learning in class. 


The same study also found out of 4,317 students from 10 high-performing high schools over 50% of students reported homework as a main source of stress. Students reported homework causing them to lose sleep and cause other issues regarding their health: headaches, weight loss, stomach problems. If a student receives homework on a daily basis that could cause the student to have chronic stress. Chronic stress has been linked to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Anxiety has been implicated in more physically damaging conditions like, chronic respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal conditions, and heart disease. If the anxiety is left untreated it can cause the symptoms of the condition to be more extreme and be more difficult to treat. 


If a student attends a high-performing school and gets an excessive amount of homework they spend time finishing their homework instead of spending time with their family and friends. Students are often finding themselves isolated due to the assignments they need to complete to acquire a passing grade.


Students need homework that is going to be beneficial to them. If a student is an auditory or visual learner they need homework that is specific to their needs in order to succeed. Students do not need immoderate amounts of homework in order to get the practice they need. However, the more homework they have, the more they stop caring for learning, the more stress they’re put under, and the less time they spend with loved ones. If the workload on students is reduced, they’ll have more time for extracurriculars and they will care about learning.

A way we could work towards making homework mean something to students is having study hall or have teachers make time to go over homework and not have excessive amounts of homework that will overload the student.