Behind the scenes of She Kills Monsters!

McKenna Wallis, Campus Editor

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a show? Well we asked some of the people involved in our latest production here at Heights. If you want to be apart of a show but not into acting, we have room on our team! If you want to help and share your unique talents with an audience, talk to Mr. Graham in C001 to see what you can do to make our shows even more fantastic! 


Stuart Graham-

  1. What are you most excited about? “Sleeping again. Shows are exciting! I think my favorite thing is seeing the joy on the students faces when they do something very hard and doing it very well. Theatre is a group of people working together to create a piece of art that none of them can create by themselves, and that is an amazing thing.
  2. Do you have a favorite character? Why?“I love all the characters for different reasons. I think I most identify with Chuck. He’s awkward and geeky and reminds me of me both then and now.”
  3. What do you think the most difficult thing about directing this specific show is? “Coordinating. Getting everything to work together. After that, the fights. There are a lot of them and they all require an enormous amount of time and concentration.”
  4. What is it about She Kills Monsters do you like the most? Why did you pick this production? “I like this show because it deals with problems that real teenagers, real people face. It deals with it honestly, without being preachy. And then it breaks up the seriousness with sword fight! How fun is that!”
  5. What have you changed about this year’s production from last year’s production? “The reason we did this show last year was to learn what the hard things were so we could solve those problems more easily in this production. This production is far more ambitious in it technical aspects. The set, the costumes, the masks, the fights, everything is bigger and flashier. The acting gets better with more rehearsals.”


Andrea Adams-

  1. Do you have a favorite monster that you have created? Why? “I really like the first mask I made. It fits my son perfectly because I was able to form it to his head.”
  2. Did you receive any help by some students or other teachers? Jessica Halpin
  3. Did you learn any new techniques while doing this specific task? “We learned that using brown paper towels worked better than newspaper for the paper mache.”
  4. Did you put character into every individual mask? Did you just do a basic concept idea for all the same mask? (ex; did you make every bugbear different or did you use the same idea for all of them?) “Each mask has its own characteristics. The monsters are definitely individuals.”
  5. In total, how many masks did you make? 4 kubolds, 3 bugbears, 4 minotaurs, 5 random monsters and the beholder. (17 things in total)


Jeff Mullen

  1. How long did it take you to make a single sword? (on average) About 5 hours each
  2. How did you react when Mr. Graham asked you to make swords for the production? “I was excited to practice some abilities and happy to help a friend.”
  3. What other things have you created before? “Hooks, handles for cabinets, pot rack for my daughters kitchen, knives, meat flippers for the grill”
  4. Have you created something for us to use for the show that you honestly didn’t want to give away? “Sure, I would like to keep one of the daggers and one sword (the bastard sword) at home to show friends”