Senior checklist

Tehya Garcia, Writer

Senior year can be crazy and it will go by FAST! In order to keep you sane and on task here are
On Top of the World Colorsome dates you need to know to get what you need done.


  • Know your top choice colleges
  • Create a calendar of test registration deadlines, college application due dates, and financial aid application deadlines
  • Meet with counselor if you cannot afford test fees, such as the ACT ( and SAT to get help on requesting a fee waiver
  • Remember, in order to get a second semester passcard the ACT or ASVAB must be taken


  • Ask for teacher and counselor recommendations
  • Finish first drafts of essays and ask teachers to review them. If you are applying Early Decision, finish them now.
  • Be sure to get ACT and or SAT scores sent to desired colleges
  • Attend Futures Fair as a great way to explore all your options (


  • November 1st – 15th : Early Decision admissions, colleges may require test score and applications between these dates.
  • go to to send in transcripts. Meet with counselor for help if needed.


  • Keep copies of application and essays as you send them in
  • Inform counselor if your college requests seventh-semester grades


  • Make sure your high school sends in transcripts to colleges you are applying to online.
  • Gather all documents needed to complete FASFA with parents.


  • Continue to work hard in current classes, remember colleges do look at second-semester senior grades


  • Most colleges want FASFA by March 1st


  • Acceptance letters and financial aid offers should be received by mid-April.
  • FASFA state deadline April 1st


  • Notify colleges you have have been accepted into if you will be attending or not
  • Most colleges require your commitment and first deposit by May 1st, make sure your transcripts are sent to desired college.
  • If you have been wait-listed call the admission office to find how to strengthen your application