Staying Active Year Round

Winter has come, and fall has ended. Which means high school soccer season for boys has came to a conclusion. That doesn’t mean soccer is over till next fall for the guys though.

Soccer is a sport that is made to play through all the seasons of the year. In the winter when it’s too cold to go outside soccer is still going on. Indoor soccer was invented for this purpose. It also helps the players stay in shape, or even get in better shape with more running on a smaller field. Then, with spring coming around that’s when it all transfers to the outdoor fields. Girls start their high school season but the boys have the opportunity to try out and play for a club team. Club starts in the spring, and continues all the way into summer leading up to high school summer practices.

Some soccer players will just use the time away from fall as a time to rest like an offseason. Others that want to evolve their game, and become a better soccer player should take advantage of these opportunities. Soccer never ends.