Volleyball wrap-up

Michaela Wagner, Reporter

This volleyball season has been a harrowing journey to say the least. With the season ending 6-30, it’s safe to say the team fought a hard battle each game, but sadly it wasn’t enough to come out victorious. However, the players did grow as a team and will continue to grow as the year rolls on. Coach Rachel White worked hard and did everything in her power to encourage and enhance her team not only as players and teammates but as people.

In an interview coach White was asked what she wished players would’ve done differently to make the season turn out better, she responded by saying, “I wish my players would lift weights consistently and work on hitting after our structured practice.” She was also asked her what her plans are as a coach to improve the team for next season, she responded with, “Attend a clinic. Read a book, The Volleyball Coaching Bible. Plan off-season training. Make changes to the coaching staff.” The plans for next year will include enhancing drills that will improve the team depending on their skill set and skill level, as there will be a new team and different players as we say goodbye to our seniors, Tania Gladney, Megan Nicole and Paige Kalitta.

Paige was asked in an interview: what are some things you think should be done to improve the team next season for the future players? She responded, “Definitely keep a positive attitude with whatever you are doing and whatever is happening. I also feel like more team bonding to help everyone play to their greatest potential.” Of course there are other ways that the team plans to improve: summer conditioning, to prepare the team for tournaments and long games during the season. With hard work to prepare for the next season, we hope they will some out champions.