Dylan Depperschmidt: Going Outside The Pocket


Caylen Lowery, Reporter

Dylan “Lil Depp” Depperschmidt,  a 5’11 junior, is now put as an offensive project being put at starting QB at the beginning of this season. After losing two quarterback during the 2018-2019 regular season game against South high, Depperschmidt was next in line.

“I felt like they put a lot of trust in me to go into the South game” said Depperschmidt as he led the Falcons to a 32-25 overtime win. “I just had to go in and produce and they made me feel like I was THE guy to do it.” Knowing that he will want to be QB for the rest of is high school career, Depperschmidt has a lot of progress to make.

“Dingle has made it a culture to the point where its all about hard work and doing the little things and living up to that.” With Depperschmidt being a role model to the older and younger athletes on the football team, he expects to encourage them into being better students, athletes and men in life.

“I believe he’s a great asset to our offensive scheme knowing that he’s different than other quarterbacks in the past, his bigger and has more mental strength which is great for the team to get them locked in and focused and ready for the next game” says Head Coach Dingle who use to be offensive coordinator at the beginning of the season so he’s worked personally with Dylan in the QB position so Dingle has very great intentions for Depperschmidt for the rest of this season and all of the next.