Josh Sanders: The kid with a motor that just won’t stop running


Travon Profit , Sports Writer

Josh Sanders, the junior running back from Wichita Heights, has been turning heads despite the Falcons 2-3 start.

Sanders currently has 890 yards on 95 carries with 11 scores on the year; he is only 35 yards away from passing last year’s mark in three less games and on 22 fewer carries.

“I feel like we have some hidden potential and I am very excited for our upcoming games,” said Sanders.

Sanders currently sits only 200 yards away from the 2,000-yard milestone with another year of high school to play.

“(Entering the game) is sort of nerve racking but once you get used to it, it’s really fun enjoyable,” Sanders said. “The best thing about football is scoring  and making so many great connections with your teammates.”

Heights 2015 alumnus Creighton Sanders left his little brother Josh with big shoes to fill. As the season progresses, it seems that he will those shoes and then some.

“The worst thing about football is the injury that may come with it,” Sanders said, but so far he has succeeded in avoiding any serious injuries that could slow his drive to City League dominance.