Coach White sets higher expectations for Volleyball


Coach White talks to Haley Powell during warmups.

Michaela Wagner

The Varsity Volleyball team has changed since last year, not just because of the new players or the improvement of returning players, but because of a change in coaching philosophy: such as a zero tolerance of bad attitudes. Varsity Coach, Rachel White-Mcquillan, or Coach Rachel, sat down for an interview at the midpoint of the season.

What do you expect from the team?

I expect every player to try their best, to be competitive, and hold themselves to a higher standard that they think they’re capable of. 

How do you hope and expect future games to go?

To win more!

How do you plan to support the Freshman and JV teams?  

I’ve been trying to support by advising the upperclassmen to help and mentor the lowerclassmen, I had summer conditioning so I could focus on all players of all grades because once school starts I’m mostly focused on Varsity. I’ve also been having talks with the girls about sticking up for their teammates if they hear or see something regarding one of their teammates. 

Do you see any improvements regarding players that played last year?

Yes, I see improvements in their overall skill and ability as a team.

What have you learned in the two years you’ve been coaching at Heights?

I have learned a lot of stuff, mainly that no matter where a girl comes from, no matter what her age is or what her background is all expectations are followed. 

Why did you choose to coach at Heights?

I was asked and because girls need a good influence.

Who are the team leaders on Varsity and what role do they play?

Everybody is a leader. Everybody has an influence on somebody whether that influence is negative or positive.

What changes are you going to make from last year?

I have a zero tolerance policy for poor attitudes  

What is your coaching style?

Encouraging; repetition; life skills; Team Work, Effort, Attitude, Mechanics, (TEAM) 


Coach White played volleyball in highschool at Wichita South High, she also played in college at Hutchinson Community College (HCC). Her love for volleyball and desire for a positive influence on young girls brought her to coaching at Heights. She has been coaching at Heights for two years, within that two years she has changed her coaching style for the better, but although her coaching changed her goal remains the same: to win.