Damion Robertson: Senior Soccer Player


Damion Robertson has been playing soccer for a long time now. Soccer has been the base of his High school career, which is coming to an end.

Robertson plays midfield for Heights Varsity soccer team. He says he has been playing soccer since he was about 5 years old, his older brothers played which got him interested. Robertson says, “To me, soccer is a relief from everything else. When I play soccer I don’t have to think about anything else.”

Robertson feels that is role in this team is to lead, since he’s one of the two senior soccer player on the team. And of course to score goals.

“I’ve know Damion since the 7th grade (He was one of my students as a 7th grader). Damion is basically like family to me. I’ve seen him grow and mature from a squirly 7th grader to a young adult. Him and I have a very special relationship something that will continue after high school,” Say Dylan Fiegel, Heights Varsity soccer coach.

Robertson also says his favorite thing about his team is the talent all around in each player.

Jeremiah Terronez, a teammate on Varsity Soccer, says, “One thing that I’ll remember is the stuff he says to me. As an underclassmen, I look up to him a lot and the stuff that he says to me after games and his encouragement,”

Robertson plans to go to college for architecture. He also wishes for this year’s soccer season to perform better than last year.