Problems Regarding jobs

Abigail Avalos, Reporter

The unemployment rate in Kansas is 3.3% , which is below the U.S rate.                                    

  People in the world today have trouble getting jobs.

There are two problems regarding jobs. The problems are unemployment, and the jobs people don’t want. Even in China they have an unemployment rate of 3.9%-2.5%. The top 5 countries that have high unemployment rate are (1) Zimbabwe(95.0%) (2) Burkina Faso  (77.0%) (3) Syria (50.0%) (4) Senegal (48.0%) (5) Haiti (40.6%). Probably the top reason for this is overpopulation. The top 5 countries that have the lowest unemployment rate are, 

(1) Cambodia ( 0.3%) (2) Qatar (0.6%) (3) Thailand ( 0.7%) (4) Benin (1.0%) (5) Belarus (1.0%).


    As much there is people who are unemployed there is a program for these kinds of people. If your unemployed you can collect unemployment, but you would have to do confirm 3 things. First your past earning must meet certain minimum thresholds. Second your reason to be unemployed mustn’t be your fault. Lastly you must be able, available, and actively seeking work.  


   Besides problems in the workplace there’s problems with unemployment. There are a lot of reasons people might be unemployed. The biggest reason has to do with overpopulation. There are way too many people. Because of this there is not a lot of jobs for people. More problems concerning unemployment is due to the lack of education. Other problems include social and psychological problems. Structural unemployment happens when there is a long term decline in demand in an industry. Another problem that’s going to get worse in the future is robots. 47% of currently existing jobs in America are at high risk of potential automation in the coming decades. Now is just a small phase into the future. Now it’s just the machines that are doing the jobs that humans can do but it’s faster with robots and easier. It’s also a cheaper thing to do, you wouldn’t have to pay humans for doing that job. Sure getting the robots may be expensive but you wouldn’t have to pay the robots/ machines. There are already things that have been replaced by machines. A job that has been replaced by technology is switchboard operators, switchboard operators would have to physically connect calls by inserting phone plugs in the relevant jacks. Another job that has been replaced is lift operators. Before there would be a person controlling a large lever that would know to determine when to stop. Now we just have buttons to press and take us to the right floor. Another job that was replaced was knocker uppers. Around the 1920’s when you needed to wake up early a long stick would bang on the window until you awoke. That job was replaced by what we know as alarm clocks. 

  As good as these jobs have been replaced by easier thing it wasn’t so good for those people that had those jobs. But there are jobs that even Americans wouldn’t want to be replaced by technology. As an example, counselling, no ones going to want to have to speak to a robot about how they feel. Humans need human connection. Being able to connect with someone or feel comfortable is an important thing in life especially in counselling. Being able to connect and make your patient comfortable is a must need, they need to be able to feel safe with someone. They cant when their just talking with a robot. It’s good to improve in the world and make things easier but there are certain jobs that just cannot be replaced. 

    Lastly, another big problem is jobs that the average American doesn’t want. There are a lot of jobs that Americans won’t do. The immigrants that come to America do the jobs most Americans don’t want to do.  According to President Donald Trump, immigrants are taking all of our jobs when really they are taking the jobs no one wants to do. On average immigrant workers increase the opportunities and income of Americans. Programs are trying to be made in order to help immigrants get jobs. Immigrants make up 13% of the U.S  population. Immigrants bring new ideas and add to an American labor force that would be shrinking without them. Immigrants help ensure continued growth into the future. They have a positive impact on american skills, and also working class Americans. Hillary Clinton says immigrants contribute to the economy whether they are here legally or not. They provide labor for American employers and opening business that create jobs for Americans rather than taking them.