Heights needs a snack program

Samara Hernandez, Report

Have you ever been hungry after lunch but didn’t have the money to get a snack out a vending machine? The vending machines at Heights have no healthy choices and you have to pay for them. Not everyone can afford to buy something just so they wouldn’t be starving all day. I think Heights should start offering healthy, free snacks in the school.

 The school should really think about starting a program where people, churches and families can donate healthy food to the school for kids that are hungry. Programs like that are a really good idea. Like for example, kids can still be hungry after lunch but they may just get an unhealthy snack from the vending machine, so if people start to donate healthy snacks for kids that are still hungry one they are eating healthier and they are getting more food that they don’t have to pay for.

The school should start making posters about kids that should start to speak up because there are kids in school that are still hungry and are not brave enough to speak up. So they should start to make posters that say stuff like speak up, don’t be afraid, and just things that can make kids feel more confident in speaking up when they cant afford more food or when they are hungry in general. Posters can really help kids out knowing that it’s okay to still be hungry and that they may have a free healthy snack. 

What the school should do is have a basket in the offices that have multiple healthy snack choices that anyone can grab from. Students will not have to pay, but I think they should have a sheet where kids that already got a snack should right there name down so you know they don’t get multiple snacks cause then there wouldn’t be enough for everyone. A simple baskets with snacks can help a kid out because most people can’t focus when they are still hungry and thinking about food, so the school should just start simple baskets with snacks for kids that are still hungry after lunch and kids that just can’t afford to buy snacks from the vending machine.  

The school can also start to just send out emails or papers to places that are willing to send out free healthy snacks for kids that are still hungry. This could be really simple its just we have to have multiple places helping us out on getting healthy snacks for kids.  

Now last but not least when kids are hungry, they have an increased possibility for behavioral issues like hyperactivity, aggression or anxiety. Their moods can change. When they are feeling that physical hunger, it impacts their emotional and their mental well-being, causing them to act out in different ways. There could possibly be less bad behavior if kids felt happy and not cranky cause there hungry but having a baskets will free snacks could make a kid feel better so the school should really consider it.

So in conclusion, schools should make an easy program that allows kids that are still hungry to be able to have a free healthy snack.