The use of vapes and THC carts is a problems for teens

Ezekiel Aguilera

Here at Heights High School the use of vapes this year is breaking records. Administration has taken so many to the point where officers are now writing tickets to teenagers for having them at school.

The difference between a “vape” and a “THC cart” is that a vape is just nicotine and added fruit flavor but a “THC cart” has the chemical THC in is which is the number one chemical found in the illegal substance Cannabis.  

There are many health risks of using these carts and vapes. There have been some reports of people buying underground black market carts. People take them apart and put different substances in them to make them appear real. There have been reports of teenagers coughing up blood because these vapes and THC carts have many health risks to them.

People at Heights should be aware of these new vapes for a number of reasons, because the fewer people with these types of vapes means less health problems in the future, besides vapes are not allowed on campus even if you are 18. I have seen these fake THC and vape carts personally, I watched as another person “took a hit” of these black market carts and started coughing very hard. If he continues to vape I am certain it can lead to very serious medical problems. 

Heights Administrators should be taking this very seriously if they really care about the students in their school, and I suppose they do because they are now writing students actual tickets for vaping. These E cigarettes produce a number of dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to the human lungs–while some people believe vaping is better than smoking actual cigarettes–but both cigarettes and vaping are highly addictive.  It raises your blood pressure and spikes your adrenaline, which increases your heart rate and the likelihood of having a heart attack. Both e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes contain nicotine, which research suggests may be as addictive as heroin and cocaine.

One of the best ways that the school control the use of vapes among teenagers is to have staff walk in and out the restrooms during passing period to get everyone to class on time and out the restroom and be aware of how to detect the smell of a vape or THC cart.

Since these vapes are addictive as cigarettes , no wonder people can’t put these vapes down. Kids at school can’t last a single day without their vape. Every passing period there are kids in the restroom blowing it up with smoke. It’s hard to find these kids since administrators can’t be there all the time; however, administration should be trying to do more to catch these people and make school a better place for everyone.