Immigrants are the target of myths and stereotypes


During the BBC NewsCast the President of the United States Of America stated that there are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. There are a lot of myths about immigrants including  that immigrants are stealing all their jobs, myths about immigrants taking away their jobs is FALSE. They have supported the states with their economy and culture. Immigrant migrant from one country to a different country to have better or good life and jobs. Immigrants are sometimes treated badly in other countries because of their color.

Some people of the United States don’t  accept immigrants, because of color, language or religion.  There are a lot of immigrants in the United States. Although this really should go without saying, we’re going to state this plainly here: no matter where a person  was born, they are always shaped by a short list of personal choices and longer list of social factors.

We now realize that immigrants find employment because they work hard for less money and take jobs that Americans no longer want to do. About 8 million of them have jobs making up almost 5% of our overall work force ,up 9 to 10% in states like Texas, California and Nevada.

Some immigrants work at banks, shops and restaurant. Let’s think about this: 25% of fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or children of immigrants while roughly 15-20% of the US population are immigrants or children of immigrants. Over and over again, it immigrants HELP the US economy. Immigrants (both legal and illegal) have made a huge contribution to the US economy. 

Now immigrants are learning how to speak English, for example Africa countries don’t speak English so their people are moving to other countries to learn English so they can get good jobs to take good care of their family in Africa. Immigrants must learn how to read, write and understand the English Language, not only for the naturalization application process, but also so they can pass a civics test that has both oral and written components.

Most  neighbors and friends of the American people currently residing in the city of Wichita have earned US citizenship and are now permanent American citizens. These newly sworn in American citizens will make a useful contribution to the American economy by setting up  businesses and also enrich their communities with new culture trends.