The United States Should Welcome Immigrants

Esteban Padilla, Reporter

20 Deaths have occurred in the past two years in the custody of the United States Border Patrol. Some of which are children and elderly people, all Mexican Immigrants. To the day Immigrants are being detained left and right, and put in bad conditions. The United States is too harsh to remove and contain thousands of immigrants yearly, as well as becoming a citizen.  


“When will the U.S. stop spending $’s to our enemies, i.e.Mexico and others.”- @realDonaldTrump(July 10, 2014). Donald Trump and his Administration are both against immigration, in particular the Mexican race. As Trump continues to offend and discriminate the different races of the world, he also passes executive orders to take immigrants from their families during the day time. 


Executive Order on Interior Enforcement and Increased Construction of Detention Facilities and Detention of Immigrants, are both part of orders from Donald Trump to strengthen the ICE and major cities Jails and Prisons. On Friday, July 12, 2019, Trump confirms the raid of Mexican immigrant families. Many families left suffering losing family and friends. 11 Year old girl girl cried after her dad as well as 600 plus Mexican workers arrested in Mississippi.


In order for immigrants to become citizens, they need to take a U.S. Citizenship test that has a series of questions that only 36% of Americans can pass, you need a 75% to pass, according to an NBC survey. The people that take the test are mostly people around the age of mid-60’s and go through a series of steps to get to the test and a series of steps after, and more than 60% of immigrants pass the test. “My mom is scared to take the test, the citizenship test is too hard and if something bad that the government doest like during the process they will deport her (Daughter of an Immigrant).


For a Country that settled and pushed thousands of Natives out their homes, they have a selfish nerve to make it hard for another to live a better life. More and More incidents happen as times keep going, families left with nothing because of the government’s strict policies. Instead of insulting Thousands of people with racial slurs why not help with at least encouraging words and not frightening people to live here. The U.S is too harsh and makes things hard for people coming to live in the U.S.