Jakob Hill

Should schools drop-out age back to sixteen why or why not?

I think public schools should change the school drop-out age back to sixteen. To let them choose if they want to stay or leave. So they themselves can see how there choices affect them in the long run.

They should change the drop-out age back to sixteen because the kids who think they are not learning anything from school can leave and work. So if they choose to stay it would be there choice. But if they choose to work they won’t have the correct training for what they want to do and would be stuck working at Mcdonalds or something all there life and i don’t think anybody wants to do that and that only one reason.

Kids that choose to stay in school after they are sixteen only will benefit. The young men and women that drop-out won’t be ready for life in the real world you can be street smart but you have to be book smart also and you get that from staying in school. The kids that don’t think that schools going to benefit them be should be able to make there own choices and should be able to dropout if they want to and the kids that want to stay can stay and benefit more in life. These young adults think they got it all figured out what there going to do in life but they think that life is just going to be handed to them but its not thats not how the world works so they have to find out the hard way if they need to thats my reason.

My side on this story is that we should let the kids choose on there own and they don’t want to believe the adults that life will be so much harder and they think its not going to be that bad let them find out for themselves.