Are pass cards going away?


There’s a rumor going around in the Heights area that pass cards are going to be taken away next year. This is a dumb decision. The administration took away 7 minute passing periods before I even started my high school career. Then, at the start of my junior, they took away late start. Late start was awesome because students could get their homework done before school starts. Why are they taking away stuff that students need? This needs to stop!

Different schools in the Wichita area have different policies on pass cards. Southeast has a number of requirements for students to have pass cards. The students need to pass all the required courses including fall semester of senior year. At South, juniors and seniors have pass cards. At Northeast, students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA and have a 21 composite on the ACT or be enrolled in a college class.

Some people are saying that they will take pass cards away 2 years from now. Why are they taking pass cards away? What is the reason? Some seniors at Heights are taking one class in a day, which is pretty cool. Pass cards lets students have opportunities to take college courses and get more hours at their jobs. I think they should not take that away from us.