Applying for Financial Aid

FAFSA & Scholarships

Applying for Financial Aid

College bound seniors, now is the time to seriously start thinking about financial aid. Financial aid ranges from scholarships to FAFSA. Students need to be setting goals, making lists, setting priorities; whatever is necessary to get that financial aid that is needed, students need to just do it.

FAFSA is a program that students can start applying for at the new year. Parents need to file taxes before beginning the application process. FAFSA is a financial aid program that gives students the chance to apply for money to help pay for college. Let’s be honest, nobody has all the necessary funding to get a solid college degree; FAFSA plays a big part in getting students through college.

Scholarships range in a variety of ways. Students can receive scholarship money for sports and fine arts. Athletic students should look into getting scholarships for sports if they are proficient enough. Students in choir, orchestra, or band should be looking into the college of their choice, and looking for audition dates and requirements. Colleges want good athletes and musicians! Students are encouraged to audition and try out, and in the end, there might be some money!

Scholarships are also awarded to students for ACT and GPA. In most cases, when students apply for a college, there is an automatic application for scholarship money due to ACT scores and grade point average. In some cases, students must fill out a separate application for scholarship money for the college of their choice. It’s simple, the higher the GPA/ACT score, the higher the scholarship money. Juniors are encouraged to study hard for the ACT, and to shoot for higher grades.

There are several websites that provide thousands of scholarships:,,, etc. Scholarships are amazing tools for financial aid because there are so many of them. Some require an essay or two, some require a couple of sentences and an application. Google search the word “scholarships,” and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

Students can talk to the College and Career Coordinator, Teketa Paschal, for further questions about scholarships. Be on the look out for scholarships because deadlines are approaching.