Seniors set the bar

Seniors set the bar

The school spirit at Heights wouldn’t be good enough for an elementary school. There are less Heights students at a home football game then there are students from the opposing team. One key reason for this weak school spirit is there is no senior leadership. The seniors always claim to be better than all of the other classes, how can this be true when none of them support the Falcons at any athletic events? They also claim to be apart of “Heights U”, but that can’t be true when they didn’t go to any of their games. There were more juniors than seniors at all of the football games. The seniors should be the pride of Heights High School but as of right now it is the juniors who have the most school spirit.

There is always an excuse for why people cannot go to the games. Truthfully, it’s just the fact that students are too lazy to go to the games and support their team. Also, some students use the excuse that it costs too much to go to a high school athletic event. Is four dollars really too expensive to go watch a sporting event? The schools could jack up the prices and make it like a university football game where students pay $70 to watch their team play. Where did the school spirit go?

Other students say they don’t want to have to deal with the strict administration because they suck all of the fun out of the student section. Somehow the administration and the student body need to compromise on a happy medium, so that the students can have fun while the administration still has its rules.

I believe that it is the seniors’ job to set the bar for school spirit. When they show school spirit, all of the other classes will follow. When the juniors lead in school spirit and overpower the seniors, no one really cares because the juniors aren’t at the top of the school.

Since school spirit starts with the senior class, the seniors need to have meetings, which could take place in the old auditorium during advocacy. There, the seniors could come up with pep-assembly ideas, athletic event themes, and other ways to show school spirit. This could also spark a tradition in calling the auditorium the “Senior Nest.” There the seniors could decorate it and make it look however they want. Then future classes would want to make it just as good as the class before, if not better.

The administration could monitor this and make sure nothing bad is put upon the walls, but they need to back off just a little bit so kids actually want to come to school and join in on the school spirit. They also need to allow more freedoms at athletic events, such as push-ups and other things that will not harm anyone or anything in the stadium.

There is always the question, what if something bad is painted on the wall? Then the administration can just paint over it, but that should never happen because they should be supervising at all time. The administration would actually have to put effort into their jobs and help the students get their school spirit back. From freshman year to now, the school spirit has declined every year and we don’t want to be another failure of a senior class.

The students and the staff need to come together and set rules and expectations on what the student body can and cannot do for spirit. Then there will be no excuses on why there is no school spirit at Heights High School.