Expanding mens volleyball

Expanding mens volleyball

Throughout the United States there is a love for sports. In the midwest, the most popular sports are basketball and football.  Does the thought of men’s volleyball ever cross their minds? Probably not. In the midwest and even on the east coast, many people probably have not heard about men playing volleyball. Men’s volleyball is at the heights of its popularity on the west coast. A huge factor that is played in that is the beaches that are used for events like sand volleyball.

Heights only offers 12 sports activities for the students. Some students may not have the certain talent for all these sports. So in all honesty, Heights should expand the choices of sports for students and add men’s volleyball.

Many people in Kansas view volleyball as a female sport. Would that be considered ignorance; or maybe just less knowledge about the sport? Some people don’t realize how competitive and how big of a deal men’s volleyball is on the west coast, including myself. The sport is also another way for males that aren’t physically involved in anything to do something active and athletic.

What is a male student to do with his free time if he isn’t involved in any extra curricular activities? Could he follow the wrong group of people and jeopardize his future? Men’s volleyball would give guys something to do. It would also build certain skills like increasing their vertical and even help their hand eye coordination. A lot of colleges especially, on the west coast, are huge on men’s volleyball. High schools participating in men’s volleyball would open up the chances for guys to get a good scholarship to get into colleges. A lot of division one schools are huge on it such as UCLA, USC, Ohio State and many more.

Wichita Heights and all the other high schools in Kansas or even just in USD 259 should consider and welcome the sport of men’s volleyball to their schools. If none of the schools want to have the sport, Kansas and states throughout the Midwest should try and expand it. Simply by having more pickup games at the YMCA and have organized leagues for it there too.

Men’s volleyball isn’t completely non-existence in Kansas though. Club 81 is a big volleyball club organization in Kansas and even men’s volleyball. It’s been hard to recruit people however. With many guys afraid to come and play the sport for the first or just too much one-minded in thinking volleyball is just a female sport.  If our volleyball clubs for females in Kansas consider expanding their program for men too it could make a very big impact in helping the sport get bigger in the Midwest.

Men’s volleyball is more popular than it seems. For example the sport is even in the Olympics and is actually one of the most watched sports during the period of the event. If the sport can make it into the Olympics there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be more recognized in high schools throughout the Midwest and even on the east coast.

It could happen very soon or it could take awhile but men’s volleyball will expand throughout the United States. People need to watch and see how competitive the sport is and how international the sport is for guys. It can also help guys who need help getting scholarships for college get one through volleyball. Kansas and other states throughout the midwest and east coast need to welcome the expansion of men’s volleyball.