Budgeting School and Work

There’s no choice

Budgeting School and Work

Everyone should consider a college education, and to get a college education you must get a high school education first. In today’s generation many kids have to start supporting their family at an early age and get a job. Others may work just to get some extra money. So how do they budget a job, and work on getting an education in their daily life?

According to http://www.ask.com/question/what-percent-of-high-school-students-have-jobs, about 16% of kids in high school have jobs. Some think it can be difficult budgeting school and their personal life but having to go to school and work for long hours can be stressful. Some kids have no choice but to work. They might have to support their family that might not be doing well financially or they could be the adult to their younger siblings and have to support them.

Many teens work in the fast food industry nowadays because of the increase of job opportunities in that work field. Many fast food places are open really late so some teenagers may go to school for the full seven hours and then possibly work five in the afternoon until two in the morning.  With working such long hours, it can really wear and tear on a teenager with only getting about three to four hours of sleep and is expected to come to school without being exhausted. With so much stress from school and work, a teen could start contemplating about dropping out, or even just drop because they want more hours at work.

Teens shouldn’t have to pick between school or a job. Businesses should try to work with their employees’ schedule.  In today’s economy, fast food industries and many other places teens get jobs at should not make them think their future is just in that one job, but getting an education, and being the bright minds of the future.