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What is Debate?

Cyla Hoefgen

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Did you know that Heights has a debate team? What is debate? Debate is an argument with rules. At the beginning of the season the students are given a resolution and have to make cases that involve that resolution. You have two teams affirmative and negative that compete against each other. The first constructive speech is given by the affirmative team and that speech explains the case based off of the resolution that they will be debating that day.

After each constructive speech there is a cross-examination done by one member of the opposite team. Then the next speech is given by one member of the negative team. This continues until every person on each team has given a speech. After the constructive speeches each person goes one by one and gives their rebuttal. After all the speeches the two teams shake hands with each other, then shake hands with the judge and thank them for judging. Then the debate is over and the judge will select a winner. And now you know what debate is.

At the Saturday December 10th debate tournament at Moundridge High School Dat Trinh and Mackenzie Johnson went 4-1 and qualified for state debate in January! Please congratulate them on their continued success throughout the season!


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What is Debate?