Keeper of the Plains

East High has a Keeper of the Plains statue like the one Heights is raising funds to purchase.

East High has a Keeper of the Plains statue like the one Heights is raising funds to purchase.

Hunter Elliott, Reporter

The Keeper of the Plains statue is one of the many defining symbols of Wichita. It currently sits downtown directly where the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers meet. It’s a 44-foot tall steel statue created by the Kiowa-Comanche artist Blackbear Bison. Since it was erected in 1974, Many have adopted the symbol, and has become an identity and symbol for the people of Wichita. 

Since it has become one of the most popular landmarks in the City, It was only a matter of time until schools adopted the symbol too. Currently East High School has an 8 foot tall Keeper of the Plains statue sitting outside of the school. The Students spent over 250 hours painting and designing the statue with more schools planning on adopting the same tradition East has. Heights is one of those Schools hoping to adopt the tradition. 

Since the popularity with East’s Keeper of the Plains statue started to grow more and more throughout USD259, The Art department here at Heights decided that we don’t want to be left out. Andrea Adams, Heights Art teacher, has created a fundraiser for the school to pay for the replica statue.  The statue will be made by the Douglas Design District, The company that produces the replica statues.

The workshops are hosted in the art room after school on select days of the month. They give participants an opportunity to create a work of art under the direction of Adams. Adams  said the turnouts for the workshops are usually small, but she is hoping to get larger crowds as the year goes on. 

Admission is $25 a person. So far a few hundred dollars of the $7,000 goal has been raised. People  interested in attending these workshops  see  Adams in the art room C181.