‘Social Justice’ is new class at Heights

Harvey helps student with Social Justice assignment.

Harvey helps student with Social Justice assignment.

Abigail Avalos, reporter

Social Justice is a new class this year at Heights High School. It is taught by history teacher Nathaniel Harvey. 

The class is about social justice, historical movements and  current movements. Harvey wanted to teach this class because he believes equality is important and the students need to be educated about their rights. 

The topics covered are  gender justice, voting rights, rights for people who have been oppressed, racial justice and civil rights movements.

 Harvey plans to talk about ways to practice social justice, and he would like to do activities outside of school like volunteering and protesting. 

The reasons Harvey thinks the student would like to take this class is anyone who is interested in the topic or who wants to learn about the changes of the social history. 

A student in the class said the decision to take Social Justice based on a desire to  study changes throughout history, and would recommend the class to others.