2018-2019 Student Council Members

Taylor Cook

Who are the Student Council members?

The Student Council officers are: Kayla Barnes, Senior class president; Joesya Earl, Senior vice-president; Nathan Brainard, senior secretary; and Kayli Lipsey, senior treasurer. The Senior class representatives are Joseph Porter, Aidan Gantenbein, and Ashley Vega.

The Junior class president is Britney Gawan, the vice-president is Raign Pankratz, the secretary is Perla Navarrete, and the treasurer is Kyra Mandrigues. The Junior class reps are Tania Gladney, Christopher Stimpson, Harmony Williams, and Kiyanna Porter.

The Sophomore class presidents are Juior Otuonye and TorRae’ Wilson, the VP is Caiden Duekrson, the secretary is Mary Thornton, and the Representative is Jeremiah Duckworth.

The Freshmen Student Council elections are still on-going.

Kelly Hahn, Librarian, is the Student Council sponsor, see her for more information.