Personality Profile: Gannon Hamilton

Michaela Wagner, reporter

“Live each day like it’s your last.” This is a quote Gannon Hamilton, a sophomore at Heights High school, lives by. Hamilton isn’t one to stand out in the crowd, when you see him he appears to be your everyday happy-go-lucky guy, to the naked eye there’s no astonishing features that’d make someone do a double take when they pass by him. But there’s more to him than what originally meets the eye. 

But first we need a more in depth idea of exactly who Gannon Hamilton is. Describing himself as an energetic, sarcastic, and an overall caring person that loves to eat, laugh, and spend time with people he enjoys. Whose favorite color is purple because it’s a “pretty color”, “near any shade”, and also because is considering going to K-State after high school. Or he might move away from Kansas, maybe to Manhattan “for college and family”, or Ireland because “it’s just beautiful”, or Minnesota or even Colorado because “it’s cold”. Like many students at Heights he dreams of becoming a professional athlete, but is probably going to become a mechanical engineer. 

But what sets him apart from the rest of the crowd? He enjoys ice hockey. But how? How did a kid from Kansas get into ice hockey? Or more importantly why? Of all the things to be interested in why ice hockey? 

When faced with the question he answered: “My dad has been doing it his entire life.” He said that his dad has had a large impact on his life, “he’s raised me my entire life, I have a lot of the same interests as him and the same mannerisms.” The other reason he gave was, “… because of how graceful and skilled you can be while remaining super tough.” But even with his intriguing passion that opposes his ordinary facade, he has one goal in life: to be happy.