Meiers gets early start on military career


Meiers (right) stands in formation during basic training.

K.C. Pham, Reporter

Justin Meiers is a student, athlete, and a soldier.  He is currently a senior and enlisted in the military.

He has been taking JROTC every year in high school and is a tech support. He applied and entered in a program called Split Opportunity.This program allows seniors to go to basic training and finish school. During his basic training he says that the most physically and mentally challenging part was the five day field training exercise. The easiest part physically was the tear gas chamber. The easiest mentally was keeping his goals and his family in mind.

His job is 88M which is transport so he moves troops and supplies and is apart of the Wichita, Kansas, Bravo company DET 1, area 4.

Mr. Meiers also does wrestling and has a part time job at Arby’s on top of that. “I do my school work after practice and sometimes work” Justin says. He doesn’t see himself going anywhere in the future with wrestling but if he gets the opportunity, he will take it.

In 20 years he sees himself as a “sergeant in the army with a family”. He looks up to his mom because she taught him everything he knows and has taken both the mother and father figure in his life. He fears most losing his mom and his family. Justin has a never quitting attitude and it helped him through the journey.