Lalita: Indonesian exchange student


Lalita shares her experience in America during Broadway in Blue Jeans.

Maria Mendieta Garcia, Reporter


Areta Yoshe Lalita is an exchange student from Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital. She will be studying at Heights this year 2019-2020. We interviewed her about her culture and experience in the United States. 


Has the language been a challenge for you?

Yes, because that was my first time to talking with native (English speakers) when I arrived in America.

Then I only learn English from Hollywood movies, English music, talking with my parents, and social media.


Why did you decide to be an exchange student?

I want to learn about different cultures, share my own culture to others.  I want to have a new experience that I never have before: trying a new journey.  I want to be a global citizen. I also want to make new friends and discover  is American lifestyle!


Is it your first time in the U.S.?



How does Wichita compare to your hometown?

Almost all here  iskinda different, for example: the American food. All of the American food here with a big size. The medium size of Coke  is a big size in my country, haha.


How is the lifestyle different from your home country?

After I live here I never have a shower in the morning before school, because is really cold. My friends said we don’t have to take a shower in the morning because the weather is kinda cold.

Indonesia is a tropical country, and almost everyday is hot and warm; that’s why I usually shower twice a day. And here I only shower once a day after school, hahaha.


Is the food very different?

Really different, almost every food in here is fast food.


How was your school in your home country and how does it compare to Heights?

My school in Indonesia is really different, especially in high school we divide until 2 department, there’s a science and social department. And then in Indonesia we’re not moving class like in Heights, we stay in the class and the teachers are moving.


Are you involved in any Heights activity?

Yes, I join cross country, multicultural club, choir, theater/ drama.


What do you like the most about Heights?

Heights have a lot of events that I never have before in my school in Indonesia.


What do you think about peanut butter?

Really good I like it.


What do you think about mac & cheese?

It’s such an American food. In my country is not really common to eat mac and cheese. I like it, but not that much.


What do you miss the most from your home country?

Indonesian food! Fried rice, indomie, rendang, cilor, bilor!