The reality of financial responsibility

Blaine Larsen is a Heights High School student , 12th grader senior year. He has a new motorcycle  that he just brought, and with new thing there’s always a cost whether high or now prices. And with that sometimes come  loans and debt like for example in Kansas there is a 59% residences with an average debt of 27,720 by state . So financial income is very important but it’s also how you manage, maintain, and save your net income. 


Blaine is apart of the 41% without debt in Kansas. He is very smart and  financially good because at the age 17 that a huge risk to take and have to owe back .Blaine Larsen  has a new job he works at bubba’s 33 expenses he has are insurance for his motorcycle and car and gas. This is a reasonable decisions  he has to make, he is still in high school and has to balance school, work, and personal issue this could be hard to keep up with. 


One less thing to worry about is work if you’re spending your money wisely . Blaine have a checking & saving he put 200$ in his checking and the rest in his saving’s out of every paycheck. So here is a good example on how to maintain money your money with precision.