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JAG seeks to reduce dropouts

Haylee Boudreau

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Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a private non-profit corporation devoted to keeping middle school, high school and out-of-school individuals at risk of dropping out in school, and helping then overcome the obstacles to graduation.

According to the JAG website, the goal is “…developing future leaders for families, employers, communities, states and the nation!” The JAG National Network is composed of 31 state organizations and nearly 1,000 program associates.

The national board of JAG directors include cross-section of JAG stakeholders – from elected state officials, government corporations, community-based organizations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, professional associations, and employers. JAG is believed to be unique program among private non-profit corporations since current and former governors serve on the JAG Board of Directors.

JAG wants to resolve America’s high number of dropouts and transition problems by building state organizations and local programs, these well equiped JAG specialists use verified services and unique ways to help these students graduate, advance toward further education, and pursue their desired career field.

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JAG seeks to reduce dropouts