Students learn from “Reality U”

Students learn from Reality U

photo by Haley Jergens

Ivory Hannah-Parker, Writer

Reality U gave the student opportunity to experience what a “real world” financial situation would be like.

Christian Eperson found it is not easy living off of $1,709, coming from his military job. He said he s doing terrible. This has really opened up his eyes, seeing the financial crises.

Ian Reimchisel  is a architecture. He is experiencing making $2,41092 a month. He says it is kind of easy living of off that amount.  Ian has no children, so it makes I easier so het by.

Malahn Johnson is making $3,256.92 a month because he does science technology. Malan now realizes, the higher your education is the better the job is, and that leads to higher pay.

Chrishea James is a nurse. She is making $975.83 a month. Chrishea said it is not at all easy, living off of $975.83 a month. Chrishea has one child.  She noticed that children are expensive.

Devin Love is in marketing and is making $1,747.92 a month. He rents an apartment for $484 a month. Devin says its not hard nor easy living off of that pay. Devin says he hopes this encourages students to finish high school and go off to collage.

Students say they understand why adults are tired a lot and have multiple job. A few said the appreciate their parents a lot more than they did before going to the “Reality U”