Reality U gives students a taste of economics

Carolyn Crandall, Writer

“It (Reality U) gives students a glimpse into the future on how to pay bills and just reality”, the coordinator of the program Daytha Rueger said.

There are a total of 14 booths in the Reality U program (Child Care, Housing, Banking, Insurance, SOS, Utilities, Super Market, Chance, Transportation, Entertainment, Shopping Center, Communications, Medical Center, Charitable Giving). The students go to each booth and do the activity as if they were a 26 year old.

Chris McCollister said, “(It is a) wonderful reality check for students.”

Kelli Crooms ran the Shopping Center booth. When students came to the shopping center booth they spend less of their own money than they would have spent more if it had been their parent’s money.

Reality U originated in Kentucky in 2002 and has been expanding ever since. It is also a volunteer based program.