The Wizard of Oz is Fall Musical

Monique So, Reporter

A selection of students from band and orchestra performed in the Pit for the Wizard of Oz musical that took place on November 22 and 23 in the Heights auditorium. They practiced almost everyday after school for two to three hours. The musical showcased the relationship between drama and the instrumental department. 


Band members and orchestra members were thrilled about the musical because it showed others the impact music has on a play. Ehlie Francis, a member of the orchestra said “the music was not that difficult but it was tough to play together as an ensemble”. Kira Voth, a member of the band said “there was a lot of pressure for me because I played almost all of the flute solos in the whole play”. After her performance, Kira felt a sense of relief. This was one of the rare occasions when band and orchestra members performed together. Director of bands, Mr. Kemp learned how to smoothly blend the band and orchestra together. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” Mr. Kemp said. Lenise Jones was the head choreographer for the musical. She said “It was difficult to teach them the moves because not everyone is as skilled and talented in dance”. The pit, performers, and directors underestimated their performance. Everyone was satisfied with the results from all of the after school rehearsals. 


The Heights drama department has not had a musical since 2017 which was over two years ago. There was a great turnout for both nights of the musical. Only two plays are performed every year. The Wizard of Oz is something all people like here because it is Kansas. Mr. Graham spent hundreds of dollars to make this musical special. Graham even purchased mini flame thrower props to show the true essence of the Wicked Witch of the West. The audience was impressed with the acting and visual effects that took place. Everyone’s hard work paid off in the end. The next play is scheduled to take place in the spring.