She Kills Monsters is in action! (rescheduled)


McKenna Wallis

Young Tilly Evans and her older sister Agnes never really saw eye to eye. Tilly was a nerdy high schooler that’s into Dungeon and Dragons, while her sister Agnes is a popular cheerleader. One day Agnes wished that she didn’t have such a nerdy sister, then a horrible accident happened. Tilly got hit by a car and died. Agnes stumbles on Tilly’s D&D notebook and decides to play it to see why her sister liked it so much. She is transformed into the imaginary world her sister created. A world that is full of nasty ogres, magical creatures and super cool sword fights. It is packed with action, heartwarming sisterly arguments, and witty comebacks. It will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Come support your fellow classmates and see it  October 5th @ 7pm, 6th @ 2pm, and  @ 7 pm!!


Cast list~

Agnes Evans~ Rachel Tiller

Tilly Evans~ McKenna Wallis

Chuck~ Mickey Manuel

Miles~ Aidan Gantenbein

Lilith/Lilly~ Mackenzie Glassman

Kaliope/Kelly~ Madilynn Westbrook

Orcus/Ronnie~ Ian McDaniel

Vera~Natassja Norwood

Steve~ Ben Tiller

Evil Gabbie~ Quiana Pattinson

Evil Tina~ Katie White

Farrah the faerie~ Melissa Blondell

Narrator~ Jonathan Houck

Monsters~ Naushua Ivy, Kolby Adams, Finn Bennet, Dejanay Fox