New Orchestra Teacher Interveiw

New orchestra/band teacher interviewed.

Jaya Goodson, Music Reporter

photo by Jaya Goodson
This year Heights High School has a new teacher/instructor for the orchestra & band classes and his name is Tyler Kemp. The 21st century journalism class  thought it would be interesting to interview him and learn about his history in teaching and music and how he felt about this year’s music department.

He was asked the simple questions first. What college did you go to? What experience do you have in teaching music? He said that he went to WSU for three years with a bowling scholarship and after that he went around to all of the USD259 Middle schools and co-directed at all of them for three more years before he came to Heights. After that he was asked more complicated questions. What do you think about your students and do you think that all of them could go to college with a scholarship in music and go on to do it professionally? What do you think of your partner Wyatt Smith? What are you planning to do differently this year compared to what the previous teacher Mr. Keller did?

To the first question he answered “I believe that each and every one of my students can go on to have a career in music. they are all talented and gifted people and with the right guidance they will be able to do anything. Music is both a skill and a talent and if they are committed to it they will go far.”

For the second questioned he answered “I enjoy having Wyatt as my partner. We both went to WSU but we both teach the classes in different ways. Smith has more of a stern way of teaching while I’m more laid back so we balance each other out. He’s also been here a year longer than me and he has been nice enough to show me how things here at Heights work and I am grateful for that.”

And for the third question he answered “I know that I won’t be able to replace Mr. Keller and I know that some people will not like the changes that I want to make but I want to keep the things that the groups have done in the past that have made them good and then add my own unique ideas into the mix to make them even better than before. I know that it is hard to keep having to readjust to a new teacher every few years but it’s a double edge sword. Yes it is annoying to deal with someone new and yes every teacher has his or her own method of teaching so you might be used to completely different methods compared to the ones that I use but on the other side it allows you to be used to different situations and will make you a better player because of it.”

After that the 1st passing period bell rang and the reporter didn’t want to prevent him from helping his students that were there to practice so he thanked him for allowing the interview and went back to class. Even though the reporter should have asked more questions he think that he asked enough to figure out that the orchestra & band have a good teacher this year and it will hopefully be one of they’re best years yet.